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Blå vegenløpet has been organized since 1979. Its developed into a fantastic mix between professional athletes and family activity. It is an international ski race known for its spectacular course with beautiful surroundings close to the arctic circle. The tracks are always top class and were almost capable of promising perfect weather conditions.

The elite class starts at Umbukta close to the Swedish border. The finish line is in Brennåsen close to the Atlantic, the arctic circle and Mo i Rana. The trails bring you through a fantastic arctic scenery including beautiful alpine mountains, large and smaller mountain lakes and rivers.Reindeer, various forest types still winterly wrapped up in pure, white snow and large plains are all providing a fantastic view that can be stored and used as therapy at least until you get back up here the following year. As youre approaching the finish line, civilization is gradually sneaking up on you and as you leave the finish area heading for the showers, youre inside Mo i Ranas city border and you can go shopping. We hope you decide to enter the most beautiful adventure winter brings.

The non-competition/ family class can choose between starting in Umbukta (45km) and Rauvatnet (25km)

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Blå vegenløpet 2010

1508 skiers were admitted, but only 1440 skiers decided to finish the 32nd edition of Blå vegenløpet. The weather was horrible when we first started in Umbukta and we were close to having to cancel the race for the forst time in history. As we passed Tverrvatnet 20km into the race at approximately 11:00a.m., the wind calmed and the sun finally decided to pay us a little visit. The snowmobiles no longer had to prepare tracks 50m ahead of the first skiers and the tracks suddenly looked almost like they usually do in this spectacular ski race. As the competitiors approached the last 15km of the race, it looked like a completely different ski race. The snow and the wind were gone and we could actually see the skiers 400meters before they approached the finish area. Elin Nilsen won the women elite class while Stian Breivik won the men elite class. How they managed to wax for these incredible conditions is a mystery, but we congratulate them both.

Blå vegenløpet 2009
1330 skiers took part in Blå vegenløpet Saturday April 4th. The race startet at 10:00 in beautiful,sunny weather. People whove never participated in this extraordinary ski race wouldve been surprised by that since it was raining cats and dogs for a whole week ahead of the race, but the experienced participants made their skis ready for a wet course and a beautiful day in the sun.Anders Myrland won the men elite class after a tough battle against Viktor Artemejev from Russia.Elin Nilsen won the women elite class without having to fight hard for the glory.
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